Oil and grease systems

This is just a selection of the grease and oil pumps we can provide. We stock the more popular items and can order in all other items as needed. Please contact us for lead times and prices.

Lubeplus E

Electrically operated single line metered system. The Lubeplus E is a compact, 1/2 to 2 ltr cyclic system.

Download Lubeplus E technical information

Lubeplus GX

Electrically operated single line system. The GX operates with a positive displacement unit or with metering flow unit systems.

Download Lubeplus GX technical information

AX Range

Electrically operated multi line system. The AX is both compact and economical, making it ideal for a wide range of Industrial applications

Download AX technical information

Lubeplus AH

Hydraulic/Pneumatic single line system. The AH is designed to provide regular and measured amounts of lubricant to bearings using either hydraulic or pneumatic pressure (up to 44 bar).

Download Lubeplus AH technical information

Radial grease system

Direct Drive or complete motorised/reduction drive assemblies. Suitable for multi-industry applications.

Download Radial technical information

Gear Pumps

Specifically designed for continuous and cyclic automatic lubrication systems.

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The Rotalube chain lubricator is a controlled applicator that does not suffer from excessive wear, does not clog and maintains accurate lubrication whatever the condition of the chain and pins.

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